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Minimum wage and penalty rates under threat– Greens

Greens Leader Christine Milne says the minimum wage and penalty rates are under threat in Australia.

"It is absolutely clear that regardless of the findings of the Productivity Commission, the Coalition is intent on making life harder for Australian workers," Senator Milne said.

"This is a recipe for growing inequality and is deliberate. It is in the DNA of the Coalition and their backers like Gina Rinehart to reduce the minimum wage and increase the gap between rich and poor.

"The Coalition's cruel agenda to deny workers fair pay and conditions cannot be hidden by any review process.

"The Greens will do everything to defend people's rights at work from any attempt by the Abbott government to weaken the Fair Work Act.

"The Abbott government must withdraw the four industrial relations bills which are currently before the Parliament. They relate to issues in the review and should not be legislated before it concludes.

"Minister Abetz cannot have it both ways, either he puts these bills to the Senate, where they are likely to be defeated, or he withdraws them until the review is concluded.

"Australians need their rights at work to be stronger, not weaker."


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