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Minister Hunt’s empty threat to carbon price

The Abbott government is getting way ahead of itself in trying to halt the auction of carbon units, say the Australian Greens.

Today the Environment Minister registered the Clean Energy Auction Revocation Determination 2014, which will come into effect tomorrow; that is, until it is disallowed at the Senate's first opportunity, next Monday.

"Industry should take zero notice of this political stunt from the Abbott Government," says Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

"The Greens will move to disallow it."

Senator Milne says the government's damaging repeal of the price on pollution is far from a done deal, so it's foolish and misleading to pre-emptively undermine its technical framework.

"We will use every possible parliamentary lever to maintain the price on pollution, which is helping to address global warming and prevent future extreme drought, bushfires and storms," Senator Milne said.

"Global warming is already hurting Australians and it beggars belief that the government would wind back our best defence.

"Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt are just playing politics with the Labor party, because they know the Senate will reject the repeal of the price on pollution."


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