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MP entitlements farce

Media Release
Christine Milne 7 Oct 2013

The Greens have called on all parties to support legislative reform following more examples of inappropriate use of travel entitlements. Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said she would introduce a bill for a National Integrity Commissioner and Independent Parliamentary Adviser as soon as Parliament is recalled.

"The next wedding charged to the taxpayer should be an iron-clad marriage between elected public office and accountability with a National Integrity Commissioner," Senator Milne said.

"The Greens have had legislation before the last parliament to clean up MPs entitlements with a National Integrity Commissioner but Labor and the Coalition refused to act .

"This scandal has reached the highest political office in the country and must end now. The Greens will move our integrity legislation again as soon as parliament returns.

"It's clear MPs need someone with whom they can discuss the appropriateness or otherwise of particular claims.

"MPs can't make this issue go away simply by paying back money when they get caught out. Nor can they hound the other side when in opposition and then simply pay back their own inappropriate claims when in government.

"There is a serious institutional problem when MPs think it is defendable to make such dubious claims.

"I am calling on all parties to end the entitlements farce and back the Greens move for an Integrity Commissioner."


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