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Muir signals backdown on renewable energy, Labor must stand strong to protect jobs

Media Release
Christine Milne 11 Feb 2015

Senator Ricky Muir has this afternoon said in the Senate he will support exemptions for heavy industry and the inclusion of electricity generation from burning native forests within the Renewable Energy Target.

"Exemptions for heavy industry and inclusion of energy generated from burning native forests in the Renewable Energy Target would be a disaster. It would do even more to destroy confidence in Australian clean energy," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"This would do huge damage to the reputation of renewable energy because loggers would be rewarded for burning the habitat of koalas, devils and leadbeater possums.

"The native forest loggers have been desperate to find a market somewhere because the woodchip industry has collapsed. Their products have been rejected everywhere around the world because of the damage they cause to forests, wildlife and the climate.

"It is appalling that anyone would consider buying energy created from native forests simply in order to prop up a destructive and dying industry. The future for Australian jobs is in renewable energy, not environmental destruction.

"I am calling on Bill Shorten and the Labor party to stand strong with the Greens in defence of the Renewable Energy Target as it is without exemptions."


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