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PM’s adviser blinded by ideology

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Prime Minister's chief business adviser, Maurice Newman, must be deaf if he hasn't heard the Greens clearly identify revenue alternatives for balancing the budget.

"Keep the carbon price, keep and fix the mining tax and get rid of fossil fuel subsidies for big polluters," said Senator Milne.

"The Greens won't allow Tony Abbott's brutal budget cuts to impact on Australians who need our support, when there are such obvious revenue alternatives.

"Maurice Newman is a cheerleader of the climate denial group-think that Tony Abbott has surrounded himself with.

"They're refusing to accept that there are alternatives to being cruel to the poor, the sick, the elderly and students, staring them in the face.

"We've just had President Obama out saying climate change is going to be one of the main issues for national security for the US into the future, but here in Australia we have Maurice Newman deaf to the idea that we have to act on global warming and blind to the fact that we currently have a carbon price returning billions to the budget.

"Why wouldn't you keep billions going into the budget and address global warming at the same time?

"The Abbott government is running a hard-right ideology and protecting the big end of town, at the expense of everyone else. That determination was on show last night in the PM's address to the Minerals Council dinner."

Revenue from a well-constructed mining tax, ending tax breaks to the mining corporations, a millionaires' tax, a public levy on the big banks, and taxing trusts as companies are all responsible measures that would ensure the slash and burn approach adopted by the Abbott government is not needed.

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