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PM’s aggression dangerous for the nation - Milne

Reports that Prime Minister Tony Abbott sought to unilaterally engage 3,500 Australian troops in a ground offensive in Iraq are a frightening insight into a leader whose solution to everything is more aggression. We urgently need to give the whole of parliament the final say on going to war, says Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"No one in their right mind would suggest something as reckless as Australia launching a unilateral ground invasion of Iraq, but reports suggest that our Prime Minister did just that," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"We urgently need to make sure it is the entire parliament that decides if we go to war, not just this or any future Prime Minister.

"As ridiculous and as dangerous as this idea to unilaterally go to war is, even more troubling is the insight the reports give us into the government and its leadership.

"For Tony Abbott the solution to everything is more aggression. To him, strength is about aggression and leadership is about giving orders. He couldn't be more wrong and this is why his government is failing.

"His leadership style has disabled the government, produced the most cruel and imbalanced budget in a generation, and now we know it also risks sending more and more Australian troops alone into dangerous quagmires.

"At the Press Club in 2014 I said that Tony Abbott was a crash or crash through Prime Minister and that he would crash. He didn't have the negotiation or leadership skills to succeed. That wasn't hard to predict, and his desperate flailing in recent times has surprised no one.

"The true test for the Liberal and National parties now is whether they will toss out this born to rule governing style and Tony Abbott's cruel and dangerous ideas."


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