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PM Abbott’s Liberals adrift with failed budget

Media Release
Christine Milne 27 Nov 2014

Greens Leader Christine Milne says it's time for Treasurer Hockey to accept his budget has failed, instead of trying to trick the Australian people into accepting cruel cuts.

"The Treasurer keeps claiming there are no alternatives to his brutal attacks on the sick, the elderly, students and the unemployed. There are, but it will mean ending the age of entitlement at the big end of town," said Senator Milne.

"Just ditching tax breaks for big mining companies would boost the government accounts by $10 billion over the forward estimates.

"Our independent costings from the Parliamentary Budget Office show the original mining tax, that was thwarted by the big miners, could these days deliver $18.6 billion, while a levy on the big four banks would be worth $16.8 billion to federal coffers.

"The emissions trading scheme we had, and should bring back, would have seen polluters pay $18 billion into the budget.

"The Greens have established an inquiry into corporate tax evasion, which the Tax Justice Network says is costing our budget at least $8.4 billion each year, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

"All the money that the government is ripping out of the ABC over the next five years could be raised in a single year by closing the loopholes that are letting multi-nationals off the hook.

"Instead of daring to make their big business mates pay a fair share, Tony Abbott's government is intent on scraping cash together from the people who most need our support," said Senator Milne.

"While the Treasurer's out there chipping barnacles off his sinking budget, he should do some soul searching and ask if the Liberals can afford their protection racket for the big end of town.

"The community has jumped ship from this budget and I'm glad the Greens have helped them escape the whole sinking mess.

"Over the next week, the last time parliament will meet this year, the government has listed 25 bills - at least a years' worth of legislation. Tony Abbott's mob can't manage the parliament, and they're going around the Senate when they can't get laws through it.

"The Liberals' whole agenda of deepening inequality has been roundly rejected by the community, and the Greens will keep standing up to it in the parliament," said Senator Milne.


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