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Public transport key to vibrant city

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne, and Greens Minister for Alternative Transport, Nick McKim joined forces today to commit to an improved and innovative public transport system for Tasmania.

"A Hobart Light Rail public transport system that links the state's capital with the northern suburbs will free up time and increase the attractiveness of Hobart to young people who realise that car commuting is a time waster.

"Texting, using a mobile phone and laptops are all common on work commutes and are possible on public transport. Research by experts such as Richard Florida show that it is the reason busy young people see it as a preferred choice providing flexibility and greater personal freedom and less expense.

"Federally the Greens are campaigning for innovative public transport solutions to be prioritised under the National Infrastructure Fund. Everything from cycleways to light rail to park and ride are on the table," said Senator Milne.

"It is good for the climate, good for air quality and good for the vibrancy and liveability of cities.

"The Greens have launched light rail proposals in several capital cities and we are committed to using our power in the Senate to deliver for the people of Greater Hobart who currently are facing the inconvenience and safety concerns of too many cars on our roads.

"The light rail system is an exciting prospect for southern Tasmanians who constantly find themselves at the poor end of election promises as the major parties continue pork barrelling the marginal seats.

"The Greens will also use our power in the Senate to advocate for the public transport plan recommended by the Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority.

"The Southern Councils Transport Plan will integrate and expand existing bus routes with new cross-Derwent ferry terminals, cycleways and satellite transport hubs where access to an efficient, world class public transport system will be accessible to people even in regional areas.

"This is an assurance from local authorities that they are taking seriously the need for an efficient and sustainable public transport system that will ultimately make our cities more liveable,take pressure off our roads and improve safety for all road users in the process.

"The Greens have been fighting for a radical change to our public transport system for many years, and it is very encouraging to see all tiers of government embracing this idea.

"In addition to innovative local council plans, we have the state government, through Nick McKim, allocating funds for light rail feasibility study, and the Federal government backing the Greens' plan for a high speed rail system linking capital cities.

"The Greens also negotiated with the Rudd government to secure $40 million for cycleways throughout the nation.

"Cooperative action, transformative changes to the current system, and making public transport attractive, affordable and efficient will change the way we travel and help us build creative, vibrant cities."

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