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Christine Milne 15 Jun 2012

There are just so many myths around renewable energy pushed by the coal and gas industry and its champions in both of the old parties. One by one, these myths are being busted by reality. 

Reality check: solar great for Australia

Here's a fact for your Friday: because the sun and wind are free once we've installed the technology to harness them, renewable energy has started to actually put downward pressure on electricity prices in parts of Europe and America, as well as in South Australia.

Yesterday, the CSIRO busted another myth. They've confirmed that, with sensible planning and investment, solar PV can provide 40% of our power without causing any problems for steady supply. The Clean Energy Act will help to make this a reality. Thanks to our work in negotiations last year, the authority that operates Australia's grid has begun planning ways that Australia could move to supply 100% of its electricity from renewable sources. That's just one of the ways that July 1 will bring change for the better.

You can find out more from the CSIRO report itself.


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