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Regional arts would boost territory: Greens

Media Release
Christine Milne 19 Aug 2013

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne says the Greens plan to inject an additional $10 million in regional arts would provide a big boost to Territory communities.

"Regional arts give more bang for funding buck," Senator Milne said.

"Labor and the Coalition have ignored the value of regional arts but the Greens would restore funding to its peak, creating jobs and empowering communities.

"Regional arts delivers so much more for the dollar in terms of strengthening communities, this is especially so in the Territory where cultural enrichment will also boost tourism and jobs.

"'Arts is an important vehicle to build social enterprises in communities. The Greens plan will give regional artists greater ability to develop artistic projects that directly involve their communities.

"Along with the funding boost we want to see a simplification of the grant requirements so artists are spending their time creating rather than battling with administration.

"The Greens are standing up for regional communities and will fund programs to give them a voice," Senator Milne said.

Senator Milne made the announcement in Darwin with lead Senate candidate for the Northern Territory Warren H Williams:

"Without the support of regional arts organisations, our artwork would not be showing in international galleries - and our artists would not be paid a fair price. In 2008, the Regional Arts Fund was cut. We want to get it back so regional artists can apply for funding to improve, develop and trade," Mr Williams said.

"The other parties aren't considering arts funding as a real way of improving, strengthening and making our communities safer.

"This is a mistake. The Greens see the benefits and want to work with people to create smarter, stronger and safer communities."


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