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Senate to investigate Luxembourg profit shifting

Media Release
Christine Milne 6 Nov 2014

-Greens will push for directors of low tax paying companies to give personal evidence direct to Parliament
-Corporate tax avoiders in Australia are the real ‘leaners,' Abbott government budget priorities are unethical

Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Senate inquiry she initiated to investigate corporate tax avoidance will examine new evidence of widespread and shocking profit shifting to tax haven Luxembourg.

"The Greens will be pushing for directors of companies with fiduciary responsibility to be brought before the Senate inquiry and held accountable to the Australian Parliament and the Australian people," Senator Milne said.

"These companies can't be allowed roll out their tax lawyers and spin doctors to make this go away. It will not go away.

"For too long, loopholes and complex legal webs have allowed the tax burden to be shifted from multi-billion dollar corporations straight back to everyday Australians. It is unethical and outrageous.

"In Tony Abbott's nation of so-called lifters and leaners, it's about time the real leaners and their billions of profit shifting were exposed. The Greens will be using the Senate inquiry to do just that.

"Meanwhile Tony Abbott is planning to use the upcoming G20 meeting to prop up his brutal cuts to education and health. What bizarre and unethical budget priorities from the Abbott government. It is simply out to protect its mates at the big end of town."


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