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Share: powerful stories from the Tarkine

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Christine Milne 16 Nov 2012

"My family's lived here since the 1880s. It's my heritage, and it's my livelihood."

"I love raising my kids here. Where else is your backyard an ancient rainforest?"

"Food producers like me rely on our clean, green brand - it's Tasmania's best asset. Digging up the Tarkine undermines our hard work."

Nine new open cut mines here? That's the plan. The mines won't just threaten endangered Tassie Devil habitat, they'll forever tarnish the Tarkine's clean, green brand and unspoilt image - the image that business owners like Geoff and food producers like David rely on. Investors like Ken understand that Tasmania's future is in sustainable industries - and that means protecting the Tarkine.

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