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Supporting Our Young and Emerging Artists


The arts, cultural experiences and creative artists are vital to the social wellbeing, economy and cultural life of Australia. The Australian Greens are committed to supporting and promoting Australian artists and their work.

Young and emerging artists have particular needs as they establish their careers. Many young artists struggle to develop their creative work while they are working other jobs to pay for their basic living costs.

The Australian Greens are proposing three measures to support young and emerging artists. These measures include implementing recommendations from previous reports into the arts sector. The measures are:

Recognising artistic work for the purposes of meeting social security requirements;

Establish a $3 million Artists Fund to ensure artists are paid for their exhibitions and performances, which will be particularly beneficial for young and emerging artists; and

Reinstating the policy of the Australian Parliament to purchase art works from young and emerging
Australian artists.

Read more about the Greens Supporting Young and Emerging Artists plan here

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