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Tarkine Devil Project a great step but Tarkine National Heritage vital

The Tarkine Devil Project jointly launched by Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, today will be an important step in saving the Tasmanian devil from extinction, but National Heritage protection for the Tarkine wilderness is needed to compliment it.

"If we are really determined to stop the Tassie devil from going the way of the Tassie tiger, protecting the habitat of the last wild healthy population of devils is a must," Senator Milne said

"I heartily congratulate the Tassie Devil Project, and the people from Tarkine Trails and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary who have made it a reality.

"This project to monitor the region and track the spread of the terrible Devil Facial Tumour Disease, will help us understand the disease better and prevent its further spread.

"It will also help the community better understand what is happening to this icon of Tasmania.

"But, fundamentally, we have to protect this habitat properly, and National Heritage listing of the Tarkine is the best way to do so.

"It is hypocritical for the Tasmanian Government to argue that the devil must be saved whilst actively trying to prevent listing so as to facilitate open cut mining.

"The Tasmanian Government and North West Mayors need to be held to account. They cannot have it both ways. A failure to protect the Tarkine from mining will drive the devil closer to extinction."


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