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Tasmanian Government can’t be trusted on wilderness

Media Release
Christine Milne 23 Mar 2015

The Tasmanian Government can't be trusted to look after our wilderness, Australian Greens leader Christine Milne said today, following the release of evidence it ignored scientific advice not to log swift parrot habitat.

Senator Milne also released her submission to the Wilderness World Heritage Area draft management plan process in which she slams the government's commitment to the area.

"The Tasmanian Government has reduced funding for our wilderness area, it wants to log and mine it, and sell it off to private developers.

"We can't trust the Tasmanian Government to manage our globally precious wilderness, it's time the Australian Government stepped in and took more responsibility.

"It's actually the Australian Government which is responsible under the World Heritage Convention, it needs to stop turning a blind eye to the nonsense going in within the Tasmanian Government.

"I am sending my management plan submission to the World Heritage Committee today so it's aware of the deliberate environmental negligence being shown by this government.

"Today we also hear that the so-called Department of Environment has ignored clear scientific advice not to log the home of our endangered swift parrot.

"What hope do we have to save our wilderness area when the government displays this anti-science, anti-environment, logging-at-any-cost attitude?

Senator Milne's submission to the management plan consultation:

• shows a dramatic drop in the state government's funding for the Wilderness World Heritage Area over the past ten years, from over $8 million in 2005-06 to just $3.5 million in 2013-14
• identifies where the management plan breaches the World Heritage Operational Guidelines
• criticises the Australian and Tasmanian governments for misleading the World Heritage Committee in the February 2015 State Party Report, and not releasing the draft Statement of Outstanding Universal Value
• Opposes private infrastructure development and expansion of motorised transport
• Calls on the Tasmanian Government to rezone land to prevent mining, withdraw logging plans, and properly consult with the Aboriginal community to support it to research, protect and interpret cultural heritage.

The full submission is available on Senator Milne's website:


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