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Tasmanian road victims not forgotten on World Day of Remembrance

Media Release
Christine Milne 20 Nov 2010

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne will join hundreds of Tasmanians this weekend in remembering road victims on an international day of remembrance.

"The World day of Remembrance for road traffic victims on Sunday is a day that will no doubt affect many families in Tasmania.

"It is a day for remembrance, but also a day for considering how we can end needless deaths and injury on our roads.

"I would like to applaud the actions of Road Victims Tasmania, a group who has made it their business to focus on reducing our road toll through the act of remembrance.

"This group drives home the message on their website that everyday people, mums, dads, siblings, sons and daughters are the victims of tragedy on our roads.

"Their latest project involves taking this message beyond the web and onto the streets where the Hobart City Council has agreed to a permanent memorial for Tasmanian road victims.

"I would like to use this day of remembrance to thank Road Victims Tasmania for their efforts and call on the Tasmanian community to support the establishment of this important memorial.

"The memorial will involve the painting of a prominent Hobart City traffic light signal box with the faces of people who have lost their lives on Australian roads.

"Yes it will be confronting and challenging to some, but more importantly it will be highly visible to drivers, who will be reminded in the most powerful way to drive with care.

"Road Victims Tasmania is currently attempting to raise funds to commission this artwork. If you are at all concerned about road safety then please visit their website and contact the group's founder, Rebecca Parsey to offer your assistance.

"Rebecca lost her sister in 1988, and her uncle and nephew were killed in January, following last year's awful toll when 64 people needlessly died on our roads.

"This year the road toll has thankfully reduced, but as it stands at 26, that is still 26 too many. Despite the drop in fatalities, Australia still lags behind OECD countries in road safety measures.

"We can do more as a community of drivers, individuals, groups like Road Victims Tasmania, and as political parties. This year the Greens launched their Towards Zero road safety policy, and we hope other parties will soon follow suit."

To contact Rebecca Parsey at Road Victims Tasmania, click here

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