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Things are crook in Tallarook: Why the future depends on restoring democracy

Read Christine Milne's essay, Things are crook in Tallarook: Why the future depends on restoring democracy online here, or download a pdf version here.

Take Action on Restoring Democracy

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Join the Take the Power Back campaign
If Australia exempts itself from global action on climate change, it will be us Australians who pay the price. Action later will cost far more than action now. It's time we got out there and started talking about what's at stake if the Abbott Liberal government are allowed to continue on their path of destruction.

It's time to Take the Power Back.

A National ICAC - Add your voice to our call to clean up politics
It's time for a national corruption watchdog to clean up politics.
Politicians of all persuasions should recognise that the public interest is best served by a clear separation between politics and business.

George: Show us your metadata
As a sign of good will to the Australian people - to show every man, woman and child who's metadata will be trapped and stored for two years, we're calling on George Brandis to release his metadata, to show us how little we really have to worry about. Attorney-General George Brandis: If you're so sure collecting metadata from every Australian is harmless, show us yours.

Call a Crossbencher to stand up for the RET
Negotiations have just recommenced between the Liberal Government, Labor and the crossbench about our Renewable Energy Target. The crossbench have been solid to date but we can't afford to have their support waiver.

No More Cuts to Aid
Recent news reports say the government is considering additional cuts to the aid budget. The Abbott government's cruel 2014 budget has already seen $600 million ripped from Australia's foreign aid budget, with further cuts to total $7.6 billion over the next five years. Take action today and tell the Abbott government - Cuts to foreign aid go against the idea of a fair go. Australians expect our government to do better.

Tell the Senate to dump Abbott's uni cuts
The Abbott Government's changes to our higher education systems will lead to university fees as high as $100,000. Mr Abbott also wants drastic changes to our universities, which include giving private, for-profit institutions access to public money. Take action today - write to the crossbench senators and tell them to block these changes.

Saving the Leadbeater's Possum: pledge your support for the Great Forest National Park
On Melbourne's doorstep, the ancient forests of the Central Highlands are under threat from commercial logging. This destruction is being subsidised by Victorian taxpayers, as the old woodchip business models are failing. The Greens want to establish the Great Forest National Park for all Victorians to enjoy.

George Brandis: These Laws Won't Make Us Safer
Attorney George Brandis' proposed anti-terror laws are draconian and will have long-term impacts on how everyday Australians go about their lives. We don't want to get to a point where we only realise what freedoms we've traded away once the bill is passed and it's too late! Sign the petition against Attorney General Brandis' draconian anti-terror laws today.
You can also visit the Campaigns page to see the latest on what we're working on.


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