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Tony Abbott’s parallel universe

The CSIRO's new State of the Climate report is unequivocal: Australia's climate is warming, with storms, floods, bushfires and droughts all set to get worse.

"I don't know what fantasy world Tony Abbott lives in, but it's not the one the rest of us share," said Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

"Australians are already suffering through the reality of devastating bushfires, scorching heatwaves and crippling drought, and the science says we need to take action to stop temperatures rising further.

"Just last week the Climate Change Authority declared Australia should almost quadruple its emissions reduction target to 19 per cent by 2020, but the only plan Tony Abbott has is to abolish the Climate Change Authority and rip up the entire clean energy package.

"The Greens, with the balance of power in the Senate, saved the Climate Change Authority this week because we know it's more important than ever that Australia doesn't succumb to inaction on climate change," said Senator Milne.

"This week we will also stop Tony Abbott from overturning the polluter pays principle.

"We need to price pollution if we are to stop the pollution that is driving these natural disasters.

"Evidence continues to mount about the urgency of strong action on global warming, but Tony Abbott is rejecting the experts. His ‘Direct Action' plan amounts to inaction. No one supports it.

"It is shameful that the Abbott government is using Qantas' problems to campaign against the price on pollution, when the airline itself has clearly stated there is no link. It's an insult to the thousands of Qantas workers losing their jobs," said Senator Milne.

"It's time for Tony Abbott to leave the tea party, come back through the looking glass and take a reality check in a nation sweltering, burning and dying in heat waves."


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