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Is "Turn Back Wildlife" Abbott's next slogan in war against carbon price?

Protecting and enhancing  carbon in the landscape was a priority for the Australain Greens in the MPCCC negotiations to deliver a carbon price  and we welcome the vegetation and wildlife corridors that are now the result, Senator Christine Milne, Aust Greens leader said today.

"Tony Abbott and the fossil fuel lobby who rail against charging polluters for carbon pollution are silent and turn a blind eye to all the great outcomes we are now seeing in the bush because of The Greens push for the $1b biodiversity fund and the enhanced carbon farming initiative.

"Fossil fuel polluters who are driving climate change are now paying to help wildlife adapt to climate change and farmers to be stewards."

"Tony Abbott says he will end carbon pricing, does that mean he will abandon farmers and wildlife corridors and the $1b Biodiversity Fund or is this another addition to the $70b black hole?

Is "Turn back Wildlife" the next Abbott slogan?

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