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Vote Green to Abbott Proof Senate

Media Release
Christine Milne 6 Sep 2013

"With polls showing Tony Abbott is likely to be Australia's Prime Minister it is essential to Abbott proof the Senate so that he does not get total control of the parliament," Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said.

"The Greens have an incredibly strong Senate team up for election including current sitting Senators Sarah Hanson-Young in South Australia, Peter Whish-Wilson in Tasmania and Scott Ludlam in Western Australia.

"We also have fantastic lead Senate candidates in other parts of the country; Janet Rice in Victoria, Cate Faehrmann in New South Wales, Simon Sheikh in the ACT, Adam Stone in Queensland and Warren H Williams in the Northern Territory.

"Last election, a record 1.6 million Australians voted to give the Greens a strong voice in the Senate and I am confident they will do it again.

"While Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott spend the last hours of the election campaign fighting each other, the Greens are out on the streets talking to voters and standing up for what matters.

"Over the past three years we have delivered some of the country's largest reforms including:

  • putting a price on pollution which has seen emissions drop by 8.6%;
  • giving 3.4 million children access to Medicare funded dental care;
  • ending taxpayers funding big tobacco companies; and
  • establishing an independent Parliamentary Budget Office to improve the integrity and transparency of the budget process. 

"If Tony Abbott becomes Prime Minister you are going to need the Greens in the Senate to stop the excesses of an Abbott government. 

"Over the past five weeks, the Greens Senate team has run a strong grass roots campaign. They have been out door knocking, attending community meetings, standing up for local issues and campaigning to stop cuts to universities, helping single parents out of poverty and caring for refugees.

"I am proud of our Senate team, we have some really great candidates in this election and they all deserve to win.

"Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has been an inspiring champion for a better, safer, more caring and compassionate approach to refugees. She has done a remarkable job standing up for refugees in the face of ongoing hostility and cruelty from Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.

"Senator Scott Ludlam has been a fierce advocate for our right to privacy online and increasing funding for ABC and SBS. 

"While Senator Peter Whish-Wilson has stood up for the millions of small business owners who are the engine room of Australia's economy and led the national debate on introducing a national container deposit scheme. 

"If you want a party that you can trust to build a more caring society that protects people and the environment - you should vote for the Greens tomorrow."

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