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We deserve answers on global warming

Tonight the “Minister for the Environment” Greg Hunt, and shadow Minister Mark Butler will be on Q&A.
Will you ask the two old parties to explain how they can claim that they’re taking action on global warming while tearing down the RET and digging up more coal?

•    Use the hashtag #QandA
•    Keep your tweets short, sharp and to the point
•    Be timely! Q&A will be monitoring their twitter stream as the program is playing, so respond to what the panelists are saying (or not saying!)
•    Follow us on twitter at @GreensMPs and Christine Milne at @SenatorMilne
•    Twitter handles for the panellists are: @PeterSinger  @GregHuntMP  @Mark_Butler_MP  @amandavanstone  @mrs_truscott


Renewable Energy 
•    Today we've heard that the Labor and Liberal parties continue to grind down our Renewable Energy Target -- costing Australians thousands of jobs and millions in investment. #ProtectTheRET
•    Australia is one of the sunniest and windiest countries in the world - why is the Government determined to wreak our clean energy sector and hold Australia back?

Paris COP21
•    The French ambassador has called on the Australian to step up and dramatically cut emissions. When Mr Abbott met with the French PM this week, did he commit to keeping global temperature rises to less than 2 degrees?
•    The US and China have called on Australia to do its fair share in cutting global emissions. Will Australia lift its ambition and keep up with the rest of the world?
•    If Labor Party and the Liberal Party take the science seriously as they claim to, how can they maintain bipartisan support for an emissions reduction target of only 5%?

Big Coal
•    The Queensland Labor government and the Abbott Government have thrown their support behind the Carmichael coal mine despite the damage it will do to our Reef, to our planet, and recent findings that Adani grossly overrepresented the jobs it would create and tax it would pay.
•    It has been claimed that the Carmichael mine is almost certain to operate at a loss. Given the enormous damage it will do to our environment, what’s the justification for it going ahead? 
•    We know that 90% of Australia’s coal has to stay in the ground if we’re going to keep global temperature increases below 2 degrees. You can’t believe the science and dig up more coal.
•    If they're serious about raising revenue, why won't the Labor and Liberal Parties end the billions we spend on coal subsidies?

Bjorn Lomborg
•    How can the Abbott Government justify slashing funding to the CSIRO, the Climate Commission and ARENA -- and then give climate contrarian Bjorn Lomborg $4 million?
•    How are Australians meant to have any confidence in government decisions when we know the Government is throwing millions at a discredited climate contrarian with no scientific qualifications like Bjorn Lomborg?
•    The government has said that the RET is unsustainable - yet it managed to find $4 million to invest in deceptive political think tank? Are we likely to see more ideological decisions like this in the Budget?

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