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Will forest agreement be renegotiated?

Forestry Minister, Joe Ludwig must reveal once and for all if the Gillard government will intervene as Premier Giddings endorses logging within informally reserved forests secured under the Tasmanian forests Intergovernmental Agreement, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne said today.

"I asked Minister Ludwig today if the Federal government will stand by as Premier Giddings persists in breaching the conditions of the IGA, but his response simply outlined that an agreement exists to move Tasmania away from destroying its prime, native forest habitats.

"Tasmanians are growing increasingly tired of being promised the protection of our natural assets and then watching in dismay as the log trucks continue rolling in and out of informal reserves.

"If the Minister intends renegotiating the Intergovernmental Agreement with Premier Giddings then he should say so.

"Yesterday, during Question Time, Senator Ludwig made reference to the government deciding which coupes within informally protected areas will be harvested. This is not in accordance with the agreement.

"Minister Ludwig needs to confirm that the future of these coupes within the 430,000 hectares set aside in reserves is to be protected from logging as it is clearly part of the agreement signed by the Gillard government.

"Clauses 25 and 26 of the agreement are crystal clear. No logging is to occur within the newly designated reserves. The Minister should either honour the agreement, or own up that he intends renegotiating a deal in favour of logging.

"Tasmanians deserve to know if Prime Minister Gillard and Minister Ludwig intend to stand by and watch as the Giddings government rips up the IGA."


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