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Country of Origin Labelling Timeline

Senator Bob Brown moved amendments to the 'Made in Australia' legislation, and not one Labor or Coalition Senator supported move to make 'Made in Australia' labelling mean just that - 100% made in Australia.

August 2005
Senator Bob Brown introduced food labelling legislation to require all packaged and unpackaged food placed on the market in Australia must have a label identifying its country of origin

September 2005
Coalition and Labor oppose the Greens' Truth in Labelling Bill in the Senate

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No extra food safety checks after Hep A outbreak

Under questioning by Greens Senator Rachel Siewert, the Department of Agriculture has confirmed berries being imported to Australia are not being subjected to any extra safety checks, in spite of contaminated products sparking an outbreak of Hepatitis A.

Department of Agriculture Secretary Dr Paul Grimes has told a Senate Estimates hearing this morning, "We have not made changes on surveillance rates broadly at this stage."

Senator Siewert has described that as a completely ludicrous failure.

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Greens ramping up push for country of origin food labelling

This Australia Day weekend, Greens Leader Christine Milne is ramping up the campaign for country of origin food labelling to support Australian farmers and workers.

Senator Milne has announced that she will re-introduce the Greens bill for mandatory labelling as soon as parliament returns.

"Australia's farmers and food manufacturers are under pressure. Everyone wants to support our farmers and workers by buying local products but our current labelling is too confusing," said Senator Milne.

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Tony Abbott’s parallel universe

The CSIRO's new State of the Climate report is unequivocal: Australia's climate is warming, with storms, floods, bushfires and droughts all set to get worse.

"I don't know what fantasy world Tony Abbott lives in, but it's not the one the rest of us share," said Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

"Australians are already suffering through the reality of devastating bushfires, scorching heatwaves and crippling drought, and the science says we need to take action to stop temperatures rising further.

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PM’s drought plan won’t help farmers long term

The Australian Greens have welcomed increased drought support for farmers, but say action on global warming must be part of any effort to protect rural communities. The Greens have announced a plan to support farmers facing global warming in the long term.

"The biggest challenge facing Australian farmers is the Abbott government's denial of global warming," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce insist that it is something that cannot be planned for. They do not understand drought.

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Climate Council report exposes Abbott government’s drought failure

The Australian Greens say today’s heatwave report from the Climate Council isn’t just another warning sign – it’s heartbreaking proof that Australia is not doing enough to tackle global warming.

“Our communities are already experiencing heatwaves at a severity that scientists didn’t expect until 2030,” said Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

“Heatwaves impact health and result in more deaths, also having a huge impact on transport infrastructure and agriculture.

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PM Abbott's drought tour deliberately flying blind - Greens

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Prime Minister is touring drought stricken farms and turning a blind eye to the impacts of global warming.

"Tony Abbott is touring drought stricken farms with his head buried in the dust bowl, doing everything he can to pretend global warming is not happening" Senator Milne said.

"It's cruel and craven to tell farmers you care about them and the drought when you are doing everything you can to tear down global warming policy that will help them in the long term.

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