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Oil Proofing Australia

Not that many people noticed in the early days of an election campaign, but yesterday the global oil price went through US $86 a barrel, and it is heading inexorably towards $100.

Of course, when prices at the bowser start rising in the middle of the campaign, then we'll see people paying attention. No doubt we'll see the populist idea being shouted from the rooftops: 'cut petrol taxes'! But what will that achieve? Like all tax cuts, it will just free up a bit more money so people can buy more.

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Ben Quin demonstrates no room in old parties for candidates with a conscience

Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne today welcomed the decision by former Liberal candidate for Lyons, Ben Quin, to quit his party over the decision to give Gunns' pulp mill the go ahead.

Senator Milne said "There are too few people in the old parties who are prepared to stand up for what they believe in. Mr Quin's actions today are in direct contrast to those of Peter Garrett and even Malcolm Turnbull.

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Parliament must scrutinise Russia uranium deal

Australian Greens Climate Change Spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, today called on Prime Minister Howard and Foreign Minister Downer to give Parliament the opportunity to scrutinise the deal to be signed today to sell uranium to Russia.

Senator Milne said "Selling Australian uranium to Russia could be one of the most profound strategic mistakes in Australian history. And yet, just as with sending troops into Iraq, it seems that the Government has no intention to allow Parliament to scrutinise the decision.

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If Harry Quick has to go, the ALP should expel O'Connor and McLean as well

Labor is exercising a double standard in its treatment of Franklin MHR Harry Quick, Tasmanian Greens' Senator, Christine Milne said today.
"If the ALP is fair dinkum about Harry Quick's 'Labor crime' it will apply the same standard to the CFMEU's Michael O'Connor and Scott McLean.
"Harry Quick's crime of being seen to campaign with and for Liberal candidate Vanessa Goodwin is nothing compared with Michael O'Connor and Scott McLean giving ringing endorsement to Prime Minister Howard in the closing days of the 2004 Federal Election.

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