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Greens and Liberals unite to support unique Academy of Music

The Greens and Liberals moved a joint motion in the Senate today calling on the Rudd Government to immediately reinstate 2008-09 funding for the Australian National Academy of Music, to ensure that the unique school stays open next year.

"Australia needs more highly trained professionals, and our musical star performers, who bring such stimulation and joy to our lives, are critical to our national well-being," said Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Arts Spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne.

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Christine Milne's speech to the Sydney Institute - the Greens, balance of power and climate politics

This is a speech I delivered to the Sydney Institute last night. You can also listen to it here or download a pdf here.

Sydney Institute, October 27th 2008.

Green Politics, the Balance of Power and the Green New Deal.

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Speech to the Sydney Institute - The Greens, Balance of Power and Australia's climate agenda

Christine Milne addresses the Sydney Institute on the issue of the Greens, Balance of Power, and Australia's climate agenda.

Download podcast from the Sydney Institute's website here.

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Rudd must embrace UN's "Green New Deal"

Top global economists from the United Nations Environment Program and Deutsche Bank overnight launched a plan for a "Green New Deal", echoing President Roosevelt's "New Deal" to work America out of the Great Depression, to tackle the economic crisis and the climate crisis together.

Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne called on the Rudd Government to embrace the plan which would see a massive investment in energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative transport and forest protection, creating high quality, permanent jobs in a thriving, prosperous, green economy.

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Evaluation of reading vouchers program

(Senate-Wednesday, 22 October 2008)

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace RelationsSenator «MILNE» -I wish to ask about reading assistance vouchers. I am particularly interested to know how much investment there has been in these vouchers. How many students do they cover? Has there been any assessment of whether there has been any improvement in the reading performance of the students who are the beneficiaries of these vouchers?

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Education - revolution or reformation?

Senator MILNE» (Tasmania) (4:10 PM) -I rise today to comment on this important matter brought before the Senate in relation to the planning, costing and implementation, in a timely manner, of the flagship election promise, the ‘education revolution'. Frankly, I am concerned that there is not going to be an education revolution in Australia but that we are actually going to see a reformation of where the Howard government has been and that this government is going to head in exactly the same direction. A revolution implies excitement; it implies a change.

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