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Senate highlights Tassie climate hit

The Senate has today supported a Greens motion highlighting the financial impact on Tasmania of the Abbott Government's attempts to repeal the price on pollution.

"Hydro Tasmania has benefited by up to $70 million from the carbon price, and has been able to pay 81 cents in every dollar in dividends back to the Tasmanian budget," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"The Abbott Government wants to rip this money out of our state, which will cost jobs for teachers, nurses and police.

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Inventory provides more evidence price on carbon pollution is working

Australia's National Greenhouse Gas Inventory released today shows that even though the economy has grown, the carbon price is working to bring down greenhouse gas emissions.

"Contrary to Greg Hunt's rhetoric, the price on pollution is working to bring down emissions from our dirtiest power plants," Senator Milne said.

"Our emissions have stayed the same while our economy has gotten bigger. Deeper cuts have to be made, and now is not the time to abandon what is working.

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PM Abbott silent on urgency of global warming

The Australian Greens say so-called public consultation on legislation to repeal the price on pollution is a complete joke when the Prime Minister is seeking to hide the true and devastating costs of not taking action on global warming.

"Tony Abbott is releasing his repeal legislation for public consideration, but he is not being honest with the Australian people," Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said.

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Don’t count the new Senate until it has hatched - Greens

Responding to reports that Tony Abbott may have the support of minor parties to repeal the price on pollution and mining tax, Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said:

"When it comes to the new Senate, Tony Abbott shouldn't count his chickens before they hatch.

"It's not going to be easy as he thinks. With the Senate not even finalised, he's going to be dealing with an unsteady, unstable and unreliable mix.

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Abbott's crimes against the climate

The Australian Greens will do whatever they can to stop Greg Hunt dismantling the Climate Change Authority.

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said said issuing instructions to axe the Climate Change Authority was totally irresponsible in the face of a global climate emergency.

"The Climate Change Authority was set up to de-politicise the process of setting greenhouse emission reduction targets," Senator Milne said.

"Everyone knows that a 5% emission reduction target is woefully inadequate.

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