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Is "Turn Back Wildlife" Abbott's next slogan in war against carbon price?

Protecting and enhancing  carbon in the landscape was a priority for the Australain Greens in the MPCCC negotiations to deliver a carbon price  and we welcome the vegetation and wildlife corridors that are now the result, Senator Christine Milne, Aust Greens leader said today.

"Tony Abbott and the fossil fuel lobby who rail against charging polluters for carbon pollution are silent and turn a blind eye to all the great outcomes we are now seeing in the bush because of The Greens push for the $1b biodiversity fund and the enhanced carbon farming initiative.

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Standards window-dressing for environmental destruction

The standards for environmental approvals released by the ALP Government today will do nothing to prevent the state and territory governments from destroying the environment and endangered species for mining profits, the Australian Greens said.

“Far from lifting up the states, it's smashing down environmental protection,” Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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Protecting the Tarkine and Mining: The Facts

The umpire has spoken - the Tarkine is of outstanding national and world heritage

The Tarkine's values are well documented and take existing mining damage into account. In 2011 the Australian Heritage Council recommended 447,000ha be placed on the National Heritage List. However, this report mysteriously vanished from its website and Environment Minister Tony Burke now says it doesn't exist. He is the one who let the Emergency Heritage Listing of the Tarkine lapse and directed the Heritage Council to re-start its assessment and report in December 2013. 

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Burke must protect Tarkine urgently

"The Tasmanian Government's approval of the Shree Minerals iron ore mine in the Tarkine now puts the ball firmly in Tony Burke's court to protect the precious habitat of the Tasmanian devil." Australian Greens Leaders, Senator Christine Milne said today.

"This destructive decision demonstrates again how Labor can't be trusted on the environment and they are even prepared to jeopardise the survival of the Tasmanian devil.

"Now it's up to federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to step in and fix this mess.

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