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Bob Brown, Christine Milne and Nick McKim outline the new economy open to Tasmania - press conference, 4 Feb 2012

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown, Deputy Leader Christine Milne and Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim outline prospects for an economic transition in Tasmania. Other issues discussed with reporters in Hobart included Labor leadership speculation. Senator Brown also reiterated the Greens' total opposition to the Nauru option and called for asylum seekers to be processed quickly and humanely onshore.


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FT a millstone around Tasmania’s neck

Today's review of Forestry Tasmania confirms the government enterprise is a failed business enterprise and shows viable overseas markets for pulp wood have dried up as the Greens predicted back in the early 1990s, Australian Greens Acting Leader Christine Milne said today.

"The URS-Deloitte report clearly shows there are no viable overseas markets for native forest woodchips or pulp logs. China is volatile and will only buy the pulp wood at extremely low prices.

"We will be paying the Chinese to take the forests away if we go down that path.

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Christine Milne press conference - Coles price war & Abbott speech needs to be judged by UN report

Christine Milne's press conference today discussing why Tony Abbott's major speech today needs to be judged by the standards of the UN report on sustainable economies, as well as Kevin Rudd's hypocrisy in signing onto it while campaigning for more coal; calling on Coles to guarantee fair farm-gate prices balanced against the need for cheap fresh fruit and vegetables; and discussing Gunns and Ta Ann in Tasmania.

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Ta Ann should reveal truth about Eco Ply to Japanese customers

Ta Ann's Japanese customers in Tasmania today should know the truth behind the products misleadingly sold to them as sustainably sourced, Australian Greens Acting Leader, Christine Milne said today.

"It comes as no surprise that Ta Ann has fronted the media today to pre-empt a protest held outside its premises in which environment groups demanded the company tell the truth behind its so-called Eco Ply product.

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Senators Brown and Milne urge Ta Ann to refuse to take wood from Tasmania's HCV forests - press conference - 22-12-11


Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and Deputy Leader Christine Milne spoke to reporters in Hobart today amid the growing international furore over Malaysian logging company Ta Ann's destruction of Tasmania's native forests.


Senators Brown and Milne also answered questions about the onshore processing of asylum seekers, calling for the Australian government to adhere to international legal obligations.

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IGA Logging in 25 Coupes Must Stop and Clause 27 Implemented: Greens

Christine Milne 20 Dec 2011

"Ever since the Intergovernmental Agreement on Tasmania's forests was signed, logging has continued in the 430,000 hectares which both Prime Minister Gillard and Premier Giddings said would be protected," Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne said today.

"The area was supposed to go immediately into informal reserves whilst an assessment was done about whether or not contracts could be met from outside that area and if not then compensation would be paid."

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The Australian Greens: a list of achievements and activities relevant to Tasmania

The major Greens policies are supportive of Tasmania. For example, the Greens support will get the mining tax through -- and we'll be trying to make it much stronger -- which will redistribute some money from overseas shareholders to Australians including Tasmanians.

A more measured pace in extraction of our mineral resources would mean a lower exchange rate which would help Tasmanian tourism and lower interest rates that would benefit other Tasmanian industries.

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