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Tasmanian Government can’t be trusted on wilderness

Christine Milne 23 Mar 2015

The Tasmanian Government can't be trusted to look after our wilderness, Australian Greens leader Christine Milne said today, following the release of evidence it ignored scientific advice not to log swift parrot habitat.

Senator Milne also released her submission to the Wilderness World Heritage Area draft management plan process in which she slams the government's commitment to the area.

"The Tasmanian Government has reduced funding for our wilderness area, it wants to log and mine it, and sell it off to private developers.

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Submisssion to the TWWHA draft management plan consultation

Christine Milne 23 Mar 2015

Submission from Senator Christine Milne

I have a strong interest in the management of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) and am totally committed to upholding the Convention and its Operational Guidelines, which make clear the responsibility of the State Party, Australia, to uphold and enhance the Outstanding Universal Values of a property.

What is being proposed in Tasmania is wrong and is in contravention of the Convention and its Operational Guidelines.

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Attacks on Tasmania continue despite freight assistance

Christine Milne 13 Mar 2015

Greens Leader Christine Milne has welcomed extra federal funding for Tasmanian freight subsidies, but says overall the Abbott government is leaving the state worse off.

"Mr Abbott, we welcome some help with the Freight Equalisation Scheme, but we recognise that you've taken more from Tasmania than you're giving back," Senator Milne said.

"Last year Mr Abbott's government cut back the level of subsidy going to the Freight Equalisation Scheme, so they're making up for what they took out, but at the same time they're attacking health and education services in Tasmania.

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PM Abbott all huff, no puff on countering violent extremism

Christine Milne 10 Mar 2015

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says it's time the Abbott government used the money it has set aside for deradicalisation programs.

"It's easy to see what programs they've defunded, but not one cabinet minister can point to a program working right now to help communities deradicalise young people," said Senator Milne.

"It is time the Prime Minister stopped just pushing the terror button and actually got out there and started to work in prisons, in schools, and in communities to make sure that we counter the messages coming from the jihadists.

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Desperate PM turns to scare tactics - Milne

Christine Milne 16 Feb 2015

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is trying to shore up his leadership by scaring the community and pressing the terror button, says Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"We've got a Prime Minister who is so desperate that he is trying to press the terror button in order to shore up his own position. It won't make us safer," Senator Milne said.

"He's fanning flames of fear, anxiety, difference and division, because it's about the only thing that can distract from those same problems within his own party.

"Real leadership will bring people together, not divide them.

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