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AFP must explain inaction on people smuggler Maythem Radhi

The tragedy of the loss of 353 lives when the SIEV X sank in 2001 remains a stain on Australia's recent history and questions remain as to why the Australia Federal Police failed to pursue alleged people smuggler Maythem Radhi.

"In Senate estimates in 2005 when I asked the then Police Commissioner Mick Keelty what the Australian Federal Police were doing to pursue Maythem Radhi, the Police Commissioner refused to answer and referred to it as 'ongoing' and 'an operational matter'.

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Christine Milne press conference - Grattan Institute report

Christine Milne 22 Apr 2013

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne held a press conference in Hobart today to call on the Gillard Government to fix the mining tax and scrap the multi-billion dollar fossil fuel subsidies to big mining companies to help ease Australia's looming national revenue collapse, which was highlighted in the Grattan Institute report released last night.

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Transcript: Christine Milne press conference on Gonski

Christine Milne 19 Apr 2013

Subjects: Gonski, marriage equality, GST

CHRISTINE MILNE: Well thanks very much on this very wintry Hobart day. I'm calling on the State Premiers to work really hard with the Commonwealth today to get a resolution and to get movement on Gonski education reforms. It is absolutely critical that the state governments sign up to Gonski, I recognise that today they probably aren't going to but they must commit to Gonski, we are running out of time.

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Transcript: Christine Milne press conference on Tasmanian Forest Peace Agreement

Christine Milne 17 Apr 2013

Subjects: Tasmanian Forest Peace Agreement, marriage equality, Margaret Thatcher, Save the Tarkine

CHRISTINE MILNE: Well the Tasmanian Legislative Council has demonstrated once again that it is a wrecker when it comes to the protection of Tasmania's forests. Their attitude to the conservation of Tasmania's precious places has been on show right since the Lake Pedder days, they did this through the Franklin campaign, they did it with the Wesley Vale campaign and they are now in the process of gutting completely the Tasmanian Intergovernmental Forestry Agreement.

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