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Greens National Conference: keynote speech and and press conference


Leader of the Australia Greens, Senator Christine Milne, delivered a keynote speech to the Greens National Conference in Sydney, and addressed the press at a press conference afterwards.

Senator Larissa Waters also delivered a speech at the National Conference outlining the Federal Greens' Too Precious to Lose' campaign, to protect our precious natural environments under threat from weakening environmental laws and damaging developments.


Please see attached audio files and transcript of keynote speech below.


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Press conference: Christine Milne responds to PM's Afghanistan statement

Christine Milne held a press conference to respond to the Prime Minister's statement on Afghanistan. The Senator also responded to other issues of the day, notably the Government's treatment of asylum seekers and Joel Fitzgibbon's call to reduce the Renewable Energy Target.




Subjects: Afghanistan, asylum seekers, human rights, Sri Lanka, Joel Fitzgibbon, RET, ACT elections, Newspoll

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Joint press conference on coal compensation and whistleblowers

Christine Milne and Adam Bandt addressed the press to discuss proposed ammendments to the EU carbon price linkage legislation and contracts for closures, as well as a motion before Parliament to protect whistleblowers. They responded to other questions of the day.



Subjects: ICAC, whistleblowers, contracts for closure, PBO, Parliamentary integrity, Newstart, single parents, carbon price linkage with the European scheme, CFMEU function


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Labor and Coalition abandon whistleblowers again

Christine Milne 11 Oct 2012

Labor and the Coalition today voted down a Greens motion calling on the Government to reveal progress towards long-promised legislation to protect whistleblowers.

The Greens understand that draft legislation, promised since the 2007 election, has been criticised as so weak as to be ineffective and believe that it is in the public interest that the draft and commentary be made publicly available.

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What is the economy for? ABS Measures of Progress released to deafening silence

The Gillard Government's focus on a statement by the IMF today is in stark contrast to its silence on the ABS's alternative Measures of Australian Progress dashboard released today.

"Only when we start paying as much attention to how well we educate our children, how healthy we are, how happy we are and how clean our environment is as to our GDP numbers will we have an economy that serves people and nature, not the other way around," Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne said today.

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Christine Milne press conference

Christine Milne 25 Sep 2012

Christine Milne addressed the press in Hobart to respond to the announcement by Gunns that it has entered administration, and responded to questions on other issues of the day.



Subjects: Gunns, Tasmanian economy, Chinese investment, Australian Conservation Foundation and the Wilderness society, Tony Abbott's defence policy

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