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Greens ‘New Century’ Australia Senate Agenda

The Australian Greens today outlined their vision for Australia in the new century ahead of the opening of the Balance-of-Power Senate.

Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown, said a record 1.17 million people voted Greens at the last election, and the five Greens Senators were ready to work constructively with all parties to respond to the challenges of the new century.

"Pollution, poverty, discrimination and the destruction of Australia's forests and precious environments are the legacy of the last century and decades of greed and inaction."

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PET Scan Inquiry Report tabling

I could not disagree more with Senator Humphries. Frankly, I find it offensive that he should stand here and say it is a storm in a test tube. We are talking about the treatment of cancer patients around Australia and their ability to access a technology which gives more accurate diagnosis and is a more focused diagnostic tool than anything that was available at that time or since.

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Local vegetable growers will pay if China FTA proceeds

In Senate Estimates hearings today, it was revealed that Australian vegetable growers will be sold out in negotiations with China over a Free Trade Agreement, Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne said today.

"Under questioning, bureaucrats from the international division of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry could not explain how low wages, shocking environmental practices and human rights abuses that subsidise Chinese agricultural products will be factored into the FTA negotiations.

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Milne welcomes PET scanner for Tasmania: Now extend Medicare to cover more patients

Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne today welcomed the announcement in last night's Budget that Tasmania will get the PET scanner she has been fighting for, but called for the Government to make the life-saving machine available to more cancer patients by extending the Medicare schedule to a greater range of cancers.

Senator Milne said, "It is very pleasing that Tasmanian cancer patients will no longer have to go to the mainland for a PET scan, but the machine will be of little use unless the $1000 fee is covered by Medicare.

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Debate on Infrastructure Australia Bill 2008

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (9.33 am)-I would like to raise a couple of general things before I get to my amendments. In particular, I would like to start with the definitions-and this is very important because it relates to the whole purpose of why we are establishing Infrastructure Australia. What the Infrastructure Australia Bill 2008 says is that the definition of:nationally significant infrastructure includes:
(a) transport infrastructure; and
(b) energy infrastructure; and
(c) communications infrastructure; and
(d) water infrastructure;

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