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Tarkine Road Delayed

The Federal Government last night confirmed that it had still not received any referral for the proposed Tarkine Road from Forestry Tasmania or the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources.

Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne says the delayed referral shows the Bartlett government is worried that a tick from the Environment Minister will be felt in poling booths at the upcoming state elections.

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Tasmania's Wildlife and Parks at crisis point

Tasmanian National Parks are under-funded and undervalued leading to a crisis in their protection and management, says Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne.

"It is not good enough to splash photos of wilderness and wild animals on airport walls and TV ads, milking the environment for all its worth, while refusing to look after the animals and ecosystems on display."

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Senate saves Tasmania's lowland grasslands from Liberal attack

Tasmania's lowland native grasslands' listing as critically endangered under Commonwealth legislation is assured after the Senate rejected a dangerous bid by Tasmanian Liberal Senators to disallow the listing.

"It is hard to believe that, after three years of scientific assessment and consultation, the Liberal Party would want to stand in the way of protecting the grasslands," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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Automotive Transformation Scheme does nothing of the sort

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (7:45 PM) -I rise tonight to make some remarks on behalf of the Australian Greens in relation to the Automotive Transformation Scheme Bill 2009 and related bill. The Automotive Transformation Scheme could really just be called the ‘Automobile Gravy Train Transformation Scheme', since it is a transformation from one gravy train to the next. Members of the Senate will be aware that when I was first elected and took my seat in the Senate in 2005 I immediately moved for a Senate inquiry into Australia's future oil supplies and alternative fuels.

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Young people and climate change, Tassie schools

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (1:13 PM) -It is absolutely incumbent upon us to make sure that we have the future of young people at heart and that is the subject I want to talk about today in relation to climate change. As we know, we only have until 2015 for global emissions to peak and then come down or else we face going over the two degrees of warming that will lead to catastrophic climate change.

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