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The CPRS collapse is a great opportunity

The collapse of Prime Minister Rudd's Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme in the Senate yesterday is the best opportunity Australia has had since the defeat of the Howard Government to take meaningful action on the climate crisis.

The CPRS would have locked in failure with its inexcusably weak targets and its $16 billion handouts to polluters. It would have sent a clear message to polluters and investors that they should keep going as they are. Three in four Australians supported the Greens' moves to toughen up the scheme before agreeing to pass it.

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Clean and green must now incorporate health and Wellbeing, Milne to Horticulture Expo

"The way ahead for our fruit-growers is to embrace a post carbon food production system and to tap into international consumer sentiment based on health and wellbeing," Senator Christine Milne told a national audience at the inaugural HortExpo event held in Campania today.

Senator Milne officially opened the event with a call for growers to recognise the potential of marketing products as being good for the planet and good for people.

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Senator Milne Shows her Green Thumb

Thousands of trees are being planted this week to celebrate Schools Tree Day in Tasmania.

Senator Christine Milne showed her green thumb by joining a team of eager tree planters at Blackman's Bay Primary School in the state's south.

She said it was heartening to see our schools take part in National Schools Tree Day.

"It's great to look around and see our schools, but more importantly the next generation of Tasmanians, viewing trees as an important part of their learning environment."

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North West Coast Needs Strategic Planning and Structural Adjustment

Senator Christine Milne has welcomed news of 500 North West paper mill workers keeping their jobs while PaperlinX makes decisions about the company's future. She says the reprieve gives an opportunity to plan for innovative and sustainable employment in the region.

"Today's announcement has at least given the people of the North West a short reprieve, but it is critical that any findings impacting the lives of local workers and their families be made as soon as a decision is made."

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Government votes against its own policy

The Government today voted against its own policy to introduce a greenhouse gas trigger into the Environment Planning and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC), on a motion moved by the Australian Greens.

"The climate crisis is an over-riding environmental issue, so it simply stands to reason that greenhouse emissions of proposed developments should be assessed," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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Nation-Building Funds Amendment Scheme - Second Reader

I rise today to say how very disappointed the Greens are with the government's decision not to keep the money that was promised to the education infrastructure fund in the fund. I would like to remind the Senate of the genesis of this and the conversation and the argument that occurred in the Senate. In the first quarter of last year when the government brought in its Infrastructure Australia legislation, there was a long debate in the Senate.

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Airservices to Devonport

Senator «MILNE» -Thank you. I apologise, because I should have asked this in the aviation and airports section, but to some extent it is Airservices as well. There is quite a lot of concern on the north-west coast of Tasmania about ongoing air services, particularly to Devonport. If you cannot answer this and it relates to the people who were here before, then could you take it on notice. Has there been any discussion-there has been media speculation-about the possible sale of the Devonport Airport, leaving the Burnie Airport as the main airport in North West Tasmania?

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