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Greens call for Royal Commission into offshore detention incidents and death

The Australian Greens have called on Tony Abbott to initiate a Royal Commission into the conditions and management of Australia's offshore detention camps, which led to the death of an Iranian refugee while in Australia's care on Manus Island.

"The tragedy of a refugee killed while in Australia's care should be the final nail in the coffin for Labor and the Abbott government's morally bankrupt and cruel offshore processing regime," Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne said.

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Tony Abbott must confirm or deny cruel threats to asylum seekers

Australians Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Abbott government must immediately confirm or deny claims that asylum seekers are being told they must return home or face indefinite detention.

"Under international law it is illegal for a country to send a refugee back to the country they escaped from. It is illegal and cruel," Senator Milne said.

"It is a shameful and cruel government that gives desperate asylum seekers a Sophie's choice between indefinite detention and return to the violence they have fled.

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Immigration Minister must detail involvement with security forces amid allegations of violence

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne has called for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to immediately explain the extent of the Australian Government's involvement with security forces implicated in violent interactions on Manus Island.

"This is the second time PNG security forces have been implicated in violence. Scott Morrison must immediately explain whether they are on our pay roll and the exact extent of their involvement with Australian operations at Manus Island," Senator Milne said.

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Morrison seeking to dehumanize asylum seekers while refusing to answer questions on Manus Island incident

News today that Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has directed department officials and detention centre staff to refer to asylum seekers as 'illegal' is not only discriminatory but a disturbing move to politicize public servants.

"People seeking asylum - by boat or any other way - are not illegal, they are human beings," said Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

"It is not illegal to seek asylum under Australian or international law.

"Dehumanising people is never acceptable.

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Children and families will suffer the most in Rudd’s latest cruel and absurd Nauru proposition

The Australian Greens have condemned Kevin Rudd's latest cruel manoeuvring and bribery of Nauru.

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said: "The Prime Minister is caught out by his own rush to cruelty.

"Kevin Rudd said there would be no exceptions, but when it became clear he couldn't send children under seven or pregnant women because of malaria, he had to hurriedly cobble together a new cruel punishment for them.

"Kevin Rudd has come up with Nauru not only as a place of punishment, but as a place of resettlement. It is cruel and absurd.

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Australia's Day of Refugee Shame

Prime Minister Rudd's refugee announcement is Australia's day of refugee shame, Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said.

"A rich country like Australia paying off a poor country to take our desperate refugees is passing the buck and an abrogation of our responsibilities to people and the international community," Senator Milne said.

"It's not a regional solution, but a radical, right-wing, hard-line response. Manus Island will be Australia's gulag in PNG.

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