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Crisis rhetoric has to be matched with crisis action

This piece first appeared on the official "Climate Thinkers" blog

As the Copenhagen Conference swiftly approaches, government leaders from around the world are working hard to convince their constituents that they understand we face a climate crisis. However, to date, the scale of their commitments utterly fails to match the scale of their rhetoric.

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Top scientist delivers Copenhagen wake-up call: 60% cuts in energy emissions needed by 2020

Top climate scientist, Professor Kevin Anderson from the UK's Tyndall Centre, has delivered a wake-up call to all those attending the Copenhagen climate conference, including Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne.

Professor Anderson, writing in The Independent, called existing offers of emissions cuts "token gestures" and said that, to give the planet "a 50:50 chance of not exceeding 2C":

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Censorship at the CSIRO

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (5:24 PM) -I am afraid I have to quote Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet: ‘A plague on both your houses.' The fact of the matter is that the CSIRO is nothing like the research organisation that it used to be. It has been cowed by successive federal governments, with the Howard government being an absolute champion at turning the organisation into one too afraid to say anything about climate change because of the attitude of the Howard government. It has continued under the Rudd government.

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Government mismanagement leaves artists with unsatisfactory resale royalty right

The Rudd Government's mismanagement of Senate business will result in the bill to finally give visual artists royalties for resale of their work missing out on a full Senate debate.

The Australian Greens have prepared amendments to the Resale Royalty Rights bill to ensure that visual artists receive royalties from the first resale of their work, instead of waiting as long as half a century for a second resale as they would under the Rudd Government's plan.

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