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'Cloud-making', 'clean coal' and nukes vs efficiency and renewables

Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, today called on Australian voters to reject the spurious, slow and expensive technofixes presented by the Government in favour of the Greens' commonsense, systematic and coherent climate change and water policies.

Senator Milne said "Last night's 7.30 Report revealed that Malcolm Turnbull has thrown his weight behind yet another spurious technofix – making clouds – instead of commonsense measures such as efficiency and re-evaluating our water use.

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Parliament must scrutinise Russia uranium deal

Australian Greens Climate Change Spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, today called on Prime Minister Howard and Foreign Minister Downer to give Parliament the opportunity to scrutinise the deal to be signed today to sell uranium to Russia.

Senator Milne said "Selling Australian uranium to Russia could be one of the most profound strategic mistakes in Australian history. And yet, just as with sending troops into Iraq, it seems that the Government has no intention to allow Parliament to scrutinise the decision.

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Greens oppose Australian uranium exports to India

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (4.31 p.m.)-I rise today to support this urgency motion and to say emphatically that the Australian Greens are totally opposed to the sale of uranium to India because it is outside the non-proliferation treaty and for reasons which I will expand on in a moment, given that I have got only five minutes in which to speak. It is extraordinary to hear members of a government that constantly trade in fear suggest that the escalation of the nuclear fuel cycle can be managed in an extraordinarily safe way.

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Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2006

ENERGY LEGISLATION AMENDMENT BILL 2006Second Reading 15 June 2006 Senator Milne (Tasmania) (9.46 p.m.)-I rise tonight to support the amendment to the Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2006 moved by Senator Allison for the establishment of a sustainable energy commission for Australia. The issue, as Senator Allison has outlined, is the completely ad hoc manner in which energy is addressed in Australia and indeed how industry is addressed in Australia. We have no industry policy and no energy policy. We have a policy that simply says: 'We don't pick winners of any kind.

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Credibility of PM's nuclear taskforce is in tatters: Greens

  Prime Minister Howard's nuclear taskforce is looking increasingly tarnished after the resignation of the chair from the ANSTO board and revelations that WWF Australia's chief executive refused to participate in the review, the Greens said today.
"The government's taskforce is in tatters," Australian Greens energy spokesperson Senator Christine Milne said in Hobart.

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Howard's end plan - enrichment and global nuclear waste dump: Greens

Prime Minister Howard's close relationship with President George Bush is once again taking Australia down a dangerous and wrong path towards the enrichment of uranium and the creation of a global high-level nuclear waste dump, the Greens said today.
"Prime Minister Howard needs to be honest with the Australian people and tell us exactly what he discussed with President Bush as part of the President's Global Nuclear Energy Partnership plan," Australian Greens energy and climate change spokesperson Senator Christine Milne said in Hobart.

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