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BHP tax arrangements revealed in Senate inquiry

Details of BHP's tax arrangements have been revealed in answers provided to the Senate Inquiry on corporate tax avoidance, initiated by Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"It's shocking but not surprising that BHP is paying next to zero tax on billions worth of profits," said Senator Milne.

"No one believes this kind of behaviour is limited to BHP. The big corporates are ripping us off and successive Liberal and Labor governments have let them get away with it.

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Use of Australian coal down, down and staying down

New figures show China imported 42 per cent less coal in the first quarter of 2015 compared with the same period last year, with analysts saying it's a signal demand for Australian coal will continue to fall.

"We need to leave it in the ground, simple as that," said Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"Tony Abbott has got to stop propping up this polluting industry that is falling down around his ears.

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Australian banks should follow French - rule out Galilee Basin coal

With three French banks ruling out finance for Galilee Basin coal mines, the Australian Greens are calling on Australian banks to follow suit.

"These French banks are some of the world's biggest coal industry lenders and even they can see that investing in the Galilee Basin coal mines is environmentally and financially reckless," Senator Christine Milne said.

"It's time that Australian banks woke up and realised the environmental, climate, economic and reputational risks of investing in the Galilee Basin coal mines are dire.

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Tasmania doesn’t need gas and oil fracking

The realities of global warming are pushing the world to abandon fossil fuels and take up renewable energy at an ever increasing rate.

Tasmania's investment in renewable energy and our as yet untapped solar and geothermal resources, place us in a prime position to flourish this century.

We need to capitalise on these natural advantages to attract energy users to the state who want the clean brand. These businesses can help us drive Tasmania's new, clean economy.

What we don't need is gas and oil fracking.

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Tasmania needs a permanent ban on fracking: Greens

The Australian Greens Leader, Tasmanian Senator Christine Milne has welcomed the extended moratorium on fracking but says Tasmanians need the certainty of a permanent ban.

"We need to send a signal now to all the companies involved, and the financial institutions behind them, to say we are never going to allow fracking in Tasmania, full stop, it is over," said Senator Milne.

"Farmers are going to be worried sick that while the public has been calmed down thanks to this moratorium, everything is actually business as usual behind the scenes.

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Greens pitch to Queensland: Newman & Abbott are the same bad deal on environment

Australian Greens leader Senator Christine Milne reinforced the connection between Campbell Newman and Tony Abbott in the eyes of the electorate, while in Brisbane today.   

“Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman have the same arrogant agenda that is anti-environment and makes life harder for everyday people,” Senator Milne said.

“Together they have inflicted more than 50 attacks on Queensland’s environment, including approving the world’s largest coal port in the Great Barrier Reef.

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Tarkine value in its ancient, natural state

The argument between economics and conservation is a false dichotomy, writes Christine Milne

TASMANIAN Minerals and Energy Council chairman Wayne Bould's Talking Point article (Mercury, December 18) about the Tarkine could not have been more timely.

It came the day after the Supreme Court found the Environment Protection Authority had not followed the law in allowing a mine to store more hazardous waste than its permit specified.

This was the mine that owners claimed would employ 120 people over three years.

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Press conference transcript: Tarkine protection and forest furnaces

Tarkine 4WD tracks and forest furnaces

I totally support the actions of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community who are taking to court the government for the fact that they are going to re-open four-wheel-drive tracks in the Tarkine which will jeopardise aboriginal heritage. It is just shocking that this government is determined to behave in such a manner, as vandals, that is all you can call it.

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