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‘Buckle up’ overdue on rural school buses

Thousands of children across Australia would be made safer everyday if governments delivered on their promises for seatbelts on rural school buses, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne said today.

Senator Milne's announcement was made as numerous football teams show support for Victoria's ‘Buckle Up' campaign this weekend by wearing seatbelt sashes on their jumpers.

"Whether you are driving two minutes to the shops or driving all day, wearing a seatbelt is a major aspect of reducing our road toll.

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Public transport key to vibrant city

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne, and Greens Minister for Alternative Transport, Nick McKim joined forces today to commit to an improved and innovative public transport system for Tasmania.

"A Hobart Light Rail public transport system that links the state's capital with the northern suburbs will free up time and increase the attractiveness of Hobart to young people who realise that car commuting is a time waster.

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Greens Road Safety strategy will save lives

For too long, the Commonwealth government has placed the responsibility of reducing road deaths and injuries firmly in the laps of state and local governments, says Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne.

"Today, the Greens will address the needless deaths on our roads with the launch of our ‘Towards Zero' national road safety strategy.

"Our strategy aims to radically reduce road deaths through joint, cooperative actions between all government tiers, advocacy groups and road users.

Road crashes are the number one killer of young Australians.

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Making cars more sustainable makes car manufacturing more sustainable

The Greens' policies for making Australia's car fleet more efficient, launched in Melbourne today, would give Australia's car manufacturing industry a sustainable future, protecting jobs while protecting the climate.

The Greens are proposing introducing stringent Mandatory Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards for all vehicles sold in Australia. This would be backed up by an improved Green Car Innovation Fund, efficiency requirements for government procurement of vehicles and tying manufacturing subsidies to improvements in fuel efficiency.

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Labor steals from solar to pay for old clunkers

Transport emissions are a major contributor to greenhouse gasses and need to be addressed, however stealing from the solar industry to pay cash for clunkers is the right policy but the wrong purse, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne said today

"Prime Minister Gillard's refusal to legislate for a carbon tax means that she does not have a source of funding for climate initiatives and it is completely wrong to take money out of Australia's renewable energy future to pay to take clunkers off the road.

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Milne calls on Burke Not to License Methyl Bromide

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne has called on Minister Tony Burke not to license the use of methyl bromide for use in the Port of Burnie.

Senator Milne last week asked Minister Burke why the federal government was granting an in-ship fumigation licence to TasPorts when safer alternatives are available.

"It's wrong for the government to ignore alternatives to this deadly and environmentally destructive gas and issue a licence to use it a mere stone's throw away from a major population centre.

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Deadly gas licences must be reviewed: Milne

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne wants the Federal government to review all licences for the use of methyl bromide following an announcement that Tas Ports plans to pump 1.5 tonnes of the deadly gas into a moored ship near George Town.

Senator Milne commented that the use of methyl bromide is outdated and unnecessary as alternatives are available, and the EU has already banned its use.

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