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Automotive Transformation Scheme does nothing of the sort

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (7:45 PM) -I rise tonight to make some remarks on behalf of the Australian Greens in relation to the Automotive Transformation Scheme Bill 2009 and related bill. The Automotive Transformation Scheme could really just be called the ‘Automobile Gravy Train Transformation Scheme', since it is a transformation from one gravy train to the next. Members of the Senate will be aware that when I was first elected and took my seat in the Senate in 2005 I immediately moved for a Senate inquiry into Australia's future oil supplies and alternative fuels.

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Aviation security

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (10:29 AM) -I rise today to support the disallowance. The reason for this is pretty clear to me, having worked in a number of workplaces in my life. The best way to encourage increased performance is to have a culture in which people can talk about ways to improve what they do and cite examples of where things have not been done as well as they might. If you have a culture of self-improvement then you have a culture in which people report on where mistakes have been made and how things can be done better.

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The CPRS collapse is a great opportunity

The collapse of Prime Minister Rudd's Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme in the Senate yesterday is the best opportunity Australia has had since the defeat of the Howard Government to take meaningful action on the climate crisis.

The CPRS would have locked in failure with its inexcusably weak targets and its $16 billion handouts to polluters. It would have sent a clear message to polluters and investors that they should keep going as they are. Three in four Australians supported the Greens' moves to toughen up the scheme before agreeing to pass it.

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A Different World - Speech to the National Press Club

The Government and other naysayers say it can't be done. The Greens say it must be done, so it will be done.

Christine Milne spoke today at the National Press Club in Canberra, televised nationally on ABC1, setting out the Greens' vision for a safe climate and setting that against what the Government is proposing with the CPRS.

You can read the speech here and please use this as an open thread to discuss the issues it raises!

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Airservices to Devonport

Senator «MILNE» -Thank you. I apologise, because I should have asked this in the aviation and airports section, but to some extent it is Airservices as well. There is quite a lot of concern on the north-west coast of Tasmania about ongoing air services, particularly to Devonport. If you cannot answer this and it relates to the people who were here before, then could you take it on notice. Has there been any discussion-there has been media speculation-about the possible sale of the Devonport Airport, leaving the Burnie Airport as the main airport in North West Tasmania?

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East Tamar Highway Funding


Senator «MILNE» -Tasmania is very interested in roads. I want to know about the East Tamar Highway. I understand that when the coalition allocated the money for that it was on condition that the pulp mill was built. I want to know if the money is conditional on the pulp mill being built or whether they are upgrading the East Tamar Highway and when we are going to see any money for it.

Ms McNally -The East Tamar Highway upgrade package commitment was made by the previous government in mid-2006-

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CPRS's imminent demise is opportunity for real climate action

The imminent demise of the failed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme provides the perfect opportunity for the Rudd Government to move immediately on strong climate action and jobs creation, the Australian Greens said today.

"With the Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme now set for rejection in the Senate, it is more important than ever that the Government moves rapidly on emissions reducing and jobs creating policies," said Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne.

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