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Better mining tax would clean up government’s mess

While the Liberals have printed a booklet bemoaning a phoney budget emergency, the Australian Greens have a costed policy to avoid harsh budget cuts.

New analysis from the Parliamentary Budget Office using updated commodity data shows $35 billion could be raised by restoring the mining tax to its original intent and taxing mining super-profits.

"This opportunity to get a fair share from the big mining corporations makes a joke of Tony Abbott's attempt to justify harsh budget cuts," said Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne.

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Audit report a kick in the guts for families: Greens

The Australian Greens have today slammed the report from Tony Abbott's Commission of Audit which protects the big end of town while slugging families and low income earners.

"This is a hit on every family in the country, while Gina Rinehart gets off scot-free," said Australian Greens Leader, Christine Milne.

"Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey handpicked commissioners from the big end of town and rigged the terms of reference to ensure that the audit would focus on sweeping cuts to government services. And the commission has delivered precisely the report the government wanted.

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Budget to expose Abbott government’s cruel character

If budgets reveal the true character of a government, as Prime Minister Abbott told an audience last night in Sydney, the Greens say Australians are about to find out how cruel the Abbott government really is.

"A budget is one of the most values-laden documents to hit the parliament each year, and the Abbott government's first budget is going to ask those who need our support to give up what little they have, so that the wealthiest in the country can continue to pollute and maximise their profits," said Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne.

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Deficit levy plan will hurt Australians while letting big business, mining off the hook

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne called on the Labor party and cross benchers to reject any proposal from the Abbott Government for a new tax on Australians, while polluters and big business continue to be let off the hook.

"The Australian Greens will oppose any attempt to institute a new tax that will hurt Australians while the Abbott Government refuses to raise revenue from those who can afford it most.

"A tax like this on everyone except the richest and dirtiest must be rejected.

"We call on other Senators to do the same.

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PM must end budget secrecy

The Australian Greens say Tony Abbott must come clean about his cruel cuts before voters go to the polls in elections around the country.

"How can we trust a Prime Minister who deliberately withholds information before an election?" asked Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"Tony Abbott is deliberately hiding his true agenda for cruel cuts. He is being mean, tricky and secretive.

"It's completely obvious the PM is holding out until after the upcoming elections in an attempt to pull the wool over voters' eyes.

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End panic on debt and let’s talk about revenue and jobs – Greens

Responding to the release of the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne has warned against deep budget cuts and says the focus should now be on how we can raise revenue to spend on public services and the infrastructure of the future.

"Now is not the time to be talking about spending restraint because of a panic on debt," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"We need to get over the debt blame game and talk about how we are going to raise the revenue we need to fund services and jobs.

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Greens reach agreement to increase justification for government debt

The Australian Greens are pleased the Government has agreed to our proposals to abolish the phoney debt ceiling and to increase parliamentary scrutiny and justification for government debt.

"The phoney debt ceiling is little more than a political weapon and only a pretence for genuine checks and balances," Greens Leader Christine Milne said. 

"After years of hysterical debate about the phoney debt ceiling no one has the faintest clue what the debt was actually for. The Greens agreement will ensure the parliament and community are provided with clear justification.

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Greens Leader on debt ceiling

The Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson has confirmed the position the Greens have taken in regards to the debt ceiling.

"It is clear that the $400 billion that we have offered the government will be enough to deal with the December deadline and this financial year, and then the government is in a position to come back at a later time and ask for more," Senator Milne said.

"Mr Parkinson was repeatedly asked about the urgency of the $500 billion limit, and repeatedly he talked about the forward estimates and the years ahead.

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