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Gillard and Garrett can save the VCA by overturning Howard's funding cuts

The Rudd Government should immediately commit to overturning the Howard Government's funding cuts to the Victorian College of the Arts to enable the full range of top quality performance training to continue, the Australian Greens said today.

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, wrote to Ministers Gillard and Garrett last night seeking a meeting to discuss options for overturning the Howard Government's funding cuts to the VCA which have led to specialty courses being dropped and fears for the quality of ongoing performance training.

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So what just happened with the National Academy of Music?

Yesterday, after a whirlwind six week campaign, Melbourne Uni and the National Academy of Music put out a statement the upshot of which is that the full 2009 program that the Academy had planned to run will now be run, with Brett Dean as Artistic Director, staying in its existing location, key staff remaining the same, and places to be offered to existing students. A new independent board will be appointed with a view to determining the Academy's long-term programming.

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National Academy's music lives on!

The Australian Greens are today celebrating the reprieve for the National Academy of Music, after the Rudd Government effectively reversed its decision to close the world-renowned school.

The Prime Minister's office, which became involved when the Greens invited students and staff of the Academy to Canberra last week, has intervened to keep the school open and running its full planned program for 2009, with plans for a new independent board to secure its long-term future over the course of the year.

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Taking note of Min Wong's answer on National Academy of Music 2

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (3:13 PM) -I rise today to take note of the answer from Senator Wong pertaining to the decision by the Rudd government to close the Australian National Academy of Music. I want to say at the start that this is a shameful decision. It is an unjustified decision. Ever since the minister made it, he has been hiding in his office and failing to justify to anybody why he made the decision.

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Why 'revitalise' what is already so vital? Students bring music to Parliament

The Government is in damage control over the ill-advised decision to close the Australian National Academy of Music, and the Prime Minister must immediately step in to impose at least a 12 month moratorium on the decision, the Australian Greens said today.

In answering a question from Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Arts Spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, Senator Wong once again denigrated the Academy by telling the students and staff present in the gallery that the world-class institution needed to be "revitalised".

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