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Re Ministerial Statement on Resale Royalty Right

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (4:37 PM) -The incorporated speech read as follows-

Minister for the Arts, the Hon. Peter Garrett's proposals for a resale royalty right for Australian visual artists is yet another example of this Government's favoured approach-take a good idea and do as little as you possibly can so you can pretend to be doing something about it while safe in the knowledge that nothing will actually happen.

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Higher Education Support Amendment

Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (10.15 a.m.)-I rise today on behalf of the Australian Greens to support the Higher Education Support Amendment (Removal of the Higher Education Workplace Relations Requirements and National Governance Protocols Requirements and Other Matters) Bill 2008. The bill effectively repeals a provision in the Higher Education Support Act which tied university funding to compliance with workplace relations requirements and governance requirements.

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Supporting Australia's Interactive Games Developers

Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne, at Tantalus Studios in Melbourne, today announced that the Greens would work to ensure that Australian interactive games developers received the same support that our film industry receives via a production tax offset.

Senator Milne said "Australians are rightly proud of our film industry and are happy to see governments supporting the industry, helping it grow and compete in the world market.

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