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Garrett's Choice: Mega Coal or Shoalwater Bay

The Australian Greens have called on Environment Minister Peter Garrett to use his existing powers to protect Queensland beautiful Shoalwater Bay from the environmentally destructive Waratah Coal mine, pipeline, rail and port facility.

Greens Senator Christine Milne said the $5.3b. Waratah Coal project was projected to produce 50 million tonnes of coal per annum from an area 20 kms from Byfield town, linking by rail to a proposed port wholly located within a RAMSAR-listed wetland in Shoalwater Bay.

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Rudd Treasury not modelling real climate protection scenarios

Treasury is only modelling global emissions scenarios with a very high risk of triggering runaway climate change, Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, discovered today in Senate Estimates hearings.

Senator Milne said, "I will be writing to Prime Minister Rudd and Professor Garnaut today, outlining the tremendous danger inherent in the scenarios Treasury is modelling, and calling on them to instruct the modelling team to include safe climate scenarios in their work if it is to be worth anything as a guide to public policy.

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Govt hides from global scrutiny of climate damage to Great Barrier Reef

The federal government today was exposed in Parliament for trying to hide from global scrutiny of climate damage to the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, Australian Greens climate change spokesperson Senator Christine Milne said.
"By refusing to back a motion calling for the government to support the listing of the Great Barrier Reef as World Heritage 'in danger', the government signalled that it will not support the 'in danger' listing at the World Heritage Committee meeting in Paris later this year," Senator Milne said in Canberra.

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Govt rejects call for 2005 ban on single-hulled tankers

Great Barrier Reef at risk The Great Barrier Reef and other marine protected areas will continue to be at risk from oil spills after the federal government today rejected a move by the Australian Greens to accelerate maritime safety measures.

Greens Senator for Tasmania, Christine Milne, moved in the Senate for the government to bring forward the date by which single-hulled tankers will be banned from Australian waters from 2010 to December 2005.

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