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Woodside's activities referred to Australian Federal Police

Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne today confirmed that she had asked the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to investigate Woodside's activities in Mauritania.
"I have asked the AFP, through the Minister for Justice, Senator Chris Ellison, to investigate whether certain activities by Woodside in Mauritania breach Australian law," Senator Milne said in Hobart.

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Premier Wen's visit: Dollars before human rights and global security

The warm welcome being extended by the Howard government to Premier Wen representing the Chinese communist military dictatorship in Beijing demonstrates that the Howard government continues to put dollars before human rights and global security, the Australian Greens said today.
 "The Howard government's attempt to separate economics from human rights and global security is not only disgraceful but impossible in a globalised world," Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne said today in Canberra.

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Greens' call to Rumsfeld in Adelaide:Return David Hicks

Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne, in Adelaide on the eve of the arrival of US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld, has called for the release from Guantanamo Bay of America's Australian prisoner David Hicks.
"While Prime Minister John Howard sees the US Military Commissions as the equal of Australia's judicial system, we do not," Senator Milne said.
"David Hicks should be released to face trial in Australia. We are not the 51st state of the USA.

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