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Public transport key to vibrant city

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne, and Greens Minister for Alternative Transport, Nick McKim joined forces today to commit to an improved and innovative public transport system for Tasmania.

"A Hobart Light Rail public transport system that links the state's capital with the northern suburbs will free up time and increase the attractiveness of Hobart to young people who realise that car commuting is a time waster.

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Hobart Australia's 6th most sustainable city: Great opportunity to become number 1!

Hobart has a golden opportunity, with Greens in key ministerial positions, to become Australia's most sustainable city, the Australian Greens said today.

Hobart is listed as sixth most sustainable city in Australia in the Australian Conservation Foundation's ranking of Australia's 20 largest cities released today. The city performs well on air quality, ecological footprint, density and affordability, but drags its heels badly on transport, green building, water, climate change and food production.

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