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$16 million should still flow for Tasmanian jobs

The announcement today that Cadbury has backed out of Tony Abbott’s $16 million promise opens the way for him to fund a new cable connecting Tasmania to the global data network, Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

“Tony Abbott promised $16 million to help Tasmanian jobs during the election campaign, and that money should still flow to enabling infrastructure which will massively boost jobs and innovative business in Tasmania.

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ABC van closure a blow to Tasmania

The ABC has announced the closure of its outside broadcasting van, contributing to the further disadvantage Tasmania has suffered under regional TV cuts, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said in Hobart today.

"At the beginning of the year we heard the ABC was cutting its Tasmanian TV production unit in favour of commissioning local programs from independent producers," Senator Milne said.

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Coalition NBN farce – another reason to keep Greens in Senate

The Coalition's alternative broadband policy is 'planned obsolescence' on a vast scale, and will deliver a rehashed ALP broadband policy from 2009, the Australian Greens said today.

"The Coalition has finally come out with its first detailed policy, and it's a farce," Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said.

"We need long-term vision, nation-building infrastructure that will meet Australia's needs for future generations, not cheapskate measures that will cost us more later on.

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Transcript:press conference on media reform

Subjects: Media reform, Andrew Wilkie


CHRISTINE MILNE: We're on the cusp of securing media reform in Australia. This is something that the Greens have been campaigning for, working for, for a long time, negotiating in good faith. I'm pleased to say that we have reached an agreement with the government on two major areas of concern.

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Wilkie – don’t abandon the public interest on media reform

The Australian Greens have reached a compromise with the government on media reform - now is the time for cross-benchers to stand up for media reform in the public interest.

"Andrew Wilkie remains the only cross-bencher not to engage in cross-party discussions. He has already given up on protecting media diversity in Australia and given into bullying." Greens Leader Christine Milne said

"I call on Mr Wilkie to reconsider his blanket opposition and meet the Greens to discuss how we can avoid missing this historic opportunity to address media reform in Australia

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Greens call for tied ABC funding boost

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne today called on the federal government to increase funding to the ABC and tie it to regional content and production quotas.

"It is clear that the ABC head office is closing Tasmania's TV production unit as a cost cutting measure to fund ABC 24 and other new initiatives." Senator Milne said at the Senate inquiry into ABC production costs in Hobart today.

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Decision to axe ABC Tasmania production must be reversed

The move to close down the ABC's Hobart television production unit would be "grossly unjust for the people of Tasmania", the Australian Greens said today.

Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said closing the Tasmanian unit would "violate the spirit and the letter of the national broadcaster's charter - which stresses the need to represent voices from across the nation".

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An historic day in the Senate

Dear friend,

What an historic day it has been today in the Australian Senate.

The last parliamentary sitting week before the midwinter break has seen your Greens team continue to achieve great outcomes for all Australians who want a cleaner, healthier, smarter and fairer society.

A short time ago I walked into the Senate to vote into law Australia's biggest ever public investment in clean and renewable energy - and one of the great achievements of the Greens in this parliament in building a clean energy economy.

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