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Senate supports motion to reinstate and extend solar hot water scheme

A Greens motion calling on the government to immediately reinstate and extend the scrapped solar hot water rebate passed the Senate today with support from the Opposition.

"The outcry from the community and industry shows that the government has made the wrong decision here and should act quickly to reinstate and extend support for solar hot water," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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Dreyfus must reinstate and extend solar hot water scheme

The Gillard Government has sent precisely the wrong signal for the move to a clean energy economy by cancelling support for solar hot water at 5pm last night, and must immediately reinstate and extend the Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme, the Australian Greens said today.

"Solar hot water is a great Australian clean, green manufacturing industry, exporting to the world and helping householders to cut their power bills and their greenhouse footprint," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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Mill closure presents opportunity for new Tasmanian government

Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne says a major opportunity now rests with Tasmania's new government in securing new employment opportunities following news of Burnie's soon to close paper mill.

"The announcement that the mill will close in July will at least provide certainty as to where the 165 workers stand. Months of enduring the possible threat of unemployment would have certainly taken it's toll on many North West families.

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Renewable Remote Power Generation Program - Matter of Public Importance

Hypocrisy on renewable energy oozes off the seats in both sides of this parliament. I have heard a lot about a comprehensive strategy on climate change but there is not one in this parliament from this government; nor was there one when the Howard government was in power. What we actually have is a strategy to destroy solar and renewable energy. That is a more appropriate description of what has gone on in relation to renewable energy since the Rudd government was elected.

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Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme - Second Reader Speech

I rise this evening to speak on the government's proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, introduced in the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill 2009 and related bills. As members in the chamber would be aware, the Greens have been campaigning on climate change for more than 20 years. In fact, I was appointed to Australia's first greenhouse council in Victoria in 1990, when I was in the Tasmanian parliament. I have been working on that issue ever since in the state parliament, in the federal parliament and globally through the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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Second Reading Speech on Renewable Energy Target Bill

Renewable Energy Amendment (Increased Mandatory Renewable Energy Target) Bill 2008
Second Reading Speech
Senator Christine Milne

In October 2007, the then Labor Opposition announced a key element of their election policy platform on climate change - lifting the Howard Government's Mandatory Renewable Energy Target from its pitifully and unpopularly low 2% up to 20%. The Greens, many environment groups and many people in the community welcomed this move as a significant improvement, although not as much as is both achievable and necessary.

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