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Senator MILNE (Tasmania) (5:16 PM) -by leave-I move:

That the Senate take note of the document.

I rise today to take note of the government response to a resolution of the Senate pertaining to the proposal by Forestry Tasmania to build a road in the Tarkine wilderness. The motion was moved by my colleague, Senator Bob Brown, and it read:

That the Senate-

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ALP, Coalition and Family First abandon Tarkine to fire risk

Christine Milne 18 Mar 2008

The Government, Opposition and Family First joined forces today to oppose a motion by Senator Christine Milne noting the fire burning in the magnificent Tarkine wilderness, apparently related to a car accident on the 'Road to Nowhere', and calling for the road to be closed.

Senator Milne said "The fire still ravaging the magnificent Tarkine wilderness is a tragedy that was waiting to happen ever since the 'Road to Nowhere' was opened.

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