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Christine fights to protect Hobart's role as science hub

Christine has met with Prime Minister Gillard to raise concerns about the threats to a number of Hobart's science institutions that are central to the nation's scientific knowledge and the local Tasmanian economy.

Science is integral to Hobart's economic DNA - we have hundreds of marine and Antarctic scientists working here, and several world-renowned institutions based here.

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Forest carbon analysis shows forests worth more standing up

Australia's first comprehensive analysis of Tasmania's entire forest carbon storage capacity, launched today by Tasmanian Greens Minister for Climate Change Cassy O'Connor, shows that our forests are worth more standing up than logged.

The new research shows that as a baseline, Tasmania's forests could hold between 3 and 4.4 billion tonnes of C02 equivalent, and reducing the timber harvesting rates would significantly increase the rate of carbon sequestration.

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Tasmanian Greens State Conference Doorstop

Christine Milne 25 Aug 2012


Subjects: National Commission against Corruption, Tasmanian Greens State Conference, Tarkine, supertrawler, environmental protection, Tony Abbott, Tasmanian Liberals State Conference

JOURNALIST: The anti-corruption watchdog you're pushing for, how much power would you like to see such a body have?

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Burke’s furphy misleads on Tarkine heritage values

Christine Milne 14 May 2012

Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke's comments ruling out a blanket heritage listing of the Tarkine owing to the presence of existing mining developments should be seen for what they are: yet another excuse to facilitate mining, Australian Greens Leader, Christine Milne said today.

"Minister Burke is raising a furphy in order to avoid his responsibility to immediately protect the heritage values of the Tarkine.

"The minister thinks it's "pretty hard" to argue that the Savage River mine be considered as having natural heritage values.

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Forest carbon figures another reason to lift target

Calculations in today's Independent Verification Group's report that protecting Tasmania's forests high conservation value forests would store 8 million tonnes of carbon are yet another reason for Australia to lift its sights to more ambitious climate action, the Australian Greens said.

"Protecting our magnificent forests makes sense for our wildlife, for our economy and for our climate," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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World Heritage next step in forest protection

Bob Brown 23 Mar 2012

The Gillard and Giddings governments should move to extend the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area to include forests in the Tarkine, Styx, Weld, upper Florentine and Great Western Tiers, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"The report by Professor Jonathan West and his team of experts has backed what the Greens have been saying for 20 years - that Tasmania's giant eucalypts and rainforests are of World Heritage value," Senator Bob Brown said.

"The report says that this could be our 'last chance' to protect the heritage values of these forests.

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Native forests reprieve as Oakeshott defeated

Parliament today rejected Rob Oakeshott's motion to disallow regulations on renewable energy that form a key part of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee's agreement from last July.

The regulations, which Mr Oakeshott sought to disallow but which are now law, ensure that native forest furnaces cannot be counted as producing renewable energy - a major win for the climate and for protection of forests and wildlife habitat.

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Hodgman’s draconian policy a recycled failure

Christine Milne 14 Mar 2012

Liberal Leader Will Hodgman has embarrassed himself and the Liberals by recycling one of former Liberal Premier Ray Groom's failed policies, Australian Greens Deputy Leader Christine Milne said today.

"Not only is it a King Canute strategy to try to prevent dissent against logging of native forests in an age when this is seen as increasingly ecologically abhorrent, but it is also embarrassing since it highlights a big Liberal failure.

"It failed once and it will fail again as it will infringe national competition policy.

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